Worship God by Enjoying Him Forever

About Us

The main purpose of the Hinsdale Fil-Am Seventh-day Adventist Church
is to worship God by enjoying Him forever. As God is most glorified
when we are most satisfied in Him, we exist to:

as a body of gospel believers by intensifying our
joy in Christ and His salvation through worship meetings and
mutual love for God and each other.

Biblical truth as it points to Christ, bringing body, mind
and spirit together to gain physical wellness, scriptural wisdom
and spiritual satisfaction.

Christ as our utmost treasure, energizing us to love
each other, our community and the world by keeping His

the supreme God by acquainting people to His eternal
pleasures with particular attention to the Seventh-day
Sabbath in celebrating Christ as our Creator and Redeemer.

with the gifts of the Holy Spirit: individually
discovering, developing and dedicating those gifts to
serve God at all cost as our highest honor—while we earnestly
long for the Second Coming of our Lord.